Billy Crystal once injured rib with single sneeze


Billy Crystal recently tore a rib muscle with a single sneeze.

The Analyze This actor made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night (17Jul17), where he apologized for cancelling his prior interview scheduled for last month (Jun17) due to a sore rib.

Billy explained that he was forced to pull out of the late-night chat show, as he was embarrassed he had suffered the “weirdest injury” ever.

“It’s the night before the show, it’s around 9.30pm, which is already an hour past my bedtime… I’m in a position that only a Cirque du Soleil person or a jellyfish could be in. Out of the blue, I sneeze. But a violent sneeze,” he recalled.

The 69-year-old thought nothing of the incident and went to bed. But two hours later he woke up in a lot of pain and realized that he couldn’t breathe properly.

“I can’t breathe. But it’s terrible, painful. I couldn’t catch a breath. And I sound like a little kid caught in a lie around six years old! So, what I did was I tore a rib muscle from sneezing and I literally could not breathe. And it’s not an injury that you want to brag about,” he smiled.

While Billy has mostly recovered from his injury, he still finds that his ribs hurt when he moves quickly or sneezes. He also has to be careful with the foods he eats, as he has suffered from a lifelong “allergy” to chocolate.

“I’m allergic to different kinds of chocolate. This started when I was a little kid, my ears get red, my neck gets red. I once sneezed 58 times before my nose started to bleed,” he added.

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