Blake’s wife targeted Gary Busey, attorney says

Robert Blake‘s murdered wife was planning to con Oscar-nominated actor Gary Busey months before her death, Blake‘s attorney, Harland Braun, told Reuters on Tuesday. According to Braun, Bakley targeted the actor and “had a list of people she was going to go after and his name was down for March 30, 2001.” After contacting Busey, Braun said the actor said he had never heard from Bakley. Los Angeles police also has asked Braun to stop talking to the media about the case because it is interfering with the police’s ability to investigate Bakley’s murder. “We must remember that Bonny Lee Bakley is not the one under investigation,” Garrett Zimmon, the commanding officer of the police department’s Detective Services, said. “We need to be sensitive to that.” Bakley’s family has admitted that she had had legal problems in the past, but is infuriated with Braun trashing her reputation in order to divert away suspicion from Blake.