Blur’s Graham Coxon has turned vegan

Blur rocker Graham Coxon has turned to veganism after watching meat industry documentaries on Netflix.
The guitarist, 48, decided to give up meat and dairy products last year (17) after he became uneasy about consuming animal products.
In an interview with Q magazine, Graham revealed watching two documentaries about the food industry, climate change investigation Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, and dietary expose What the Health, finally pushed him into veganism.
“I knew the final straw would be watching those things on Netflix, so I just did it on purpose,” the Coffee & TV singer said, adding that his hardest challenge was giving up cheese.
“I’d eat a tonne of cheese,” he explained. “Cheese is just the cigarettes of flippin’ meat or animal produce. That’s the hardest thing to quit.”
Graham’s embrace of veganism marks a major change of heart for the rocker, who previously balked at people talking about the subject.
“I hate people going on about veganism and people who aren’t vegans hate vegans,” he said. “I’ve realised I’m probably one of the most hate-type people in the world, a mildly famous liberal white male vegan.”
In a 2011 interview with NME magazine, Graham revealed that in Blur’s early days the group had a huge argument as they objected to bandmate Alex James’ militant vegetarianism.
“I think when Alex threw a salmon out of the window in Paris and we were really upset with him,” he recalled. “He was being fanatically vegetarian.”
In a strange role reversal, Alex has embarked on a second career as a cheesemaker, selling artisan produce made at his farm in the Cotswolds, England.