Bob Dylan inspired Elton John to record again

Sir Elton John has credited singing legend Bob Dylan with inspiring him to go back into the recording studio. The star reveals he became disillusioned with the music industry after executives at Interscope Records refused to release any singles from his last album, 2006’s The Captain & the Kid, and he even considered hanging up his microphone.
However, the Rocket Man hitmaker got his creative spark back after listening to Dylan’s 2006 record Modern Times.
He tells, Britain’s Independent newspaper, “It floored me, that someone of Dylan’s great output could come across and make an album like that at his age, which was for me timeless and sounded so brilliant… I thought ‘well, if I’m going to make a record again, I’ve got to make it sort of sounding like that, because that’s how I like my records to sound.”
Sir Elton John releases his new album, The Diving Board, this week (beg16Sep13).