Bollywood actress Pooja Chopra injured at her apartment

Bollywood actress Pooja Chopra is to spend up to four months recovering after she was injured in a freak accident at her home in Mumbai, India on Monday (30Dec13). The Fashion star was admitted to a local hospital after the glass in one of her apartment windows shattered, with one shard piercing into her left leg.
Chopra suffered extensive bleeding and underwent an emergency operation which lasted for three and a half hours, according to The Times of India newspaper.
Doctor Charudutta Chakraborty, who operated on the actress, says “She had lost some blood when she was bought in. We had to put around 50 stitches to tie her arteries, nerves and tendon, which were severely damaged. To walk comfortably, and do the stunts that she does in her films, she will at least need a minimum of four months.”
Friends of the star have since confirmed she is in a stable condition and is recovering well.