Bond’s home razed to the ground

Producers of the 23rd installment of the spy franchise used plaster and plywood to construct an enormous replica residence in Surrey, south England to film scenes with Daniel Craig and the movie’s villain Silva, played by Javier Bardem.

And they concluded the location shoot over the weekend (24-25Mar12) by torching the site to film a breathtaking climax.

Safety officers were on hand as the blaze ripped through the building, flames shot 50 feet (15 metres) into the air, and smoke engulfed the set.

In earlier scenes, shots of gravestones in the grounds of the property showed them to be the final resting place of Bond’s ancestors, and photographer Lucy Browne, who was allowed on site to document the shoot, tells the Daily Mail, “I think what I saw will settle the question of whether this set is Bond’s family home or some sort of monastery.”