Boston star given permission to sue bandmate’s widow

Boston founder Tom Scholz has been given permission to sue the widow of late bandmate Brad Delp for alleged defamatory remarks she made in a newspaper interview. The guitarist’s original defamation lawsuits against Micki Delp and the Boston Herald were thrown out in 2011 and earlier this year (13), respectively, but Scholz’s case against the wife of his late pal was reinstated by the Massachusetts Appeals Court on Tuesday (14May13).
In his suit, Scholz claims that remarks Micki Delp made to the Herald about her husband’s 2007 suicide could be construed as blaming the guitarist for his death.
In the newspaper article, Delp claimed her husband was still upset about the break-up of the band in the late 1980s at the time of his death, and was torn between former bandmates and Scholz.