Boxer Gary Stretch: ‘I almost fought with Jamie Foxx in a nightclub’

Jamie Foxx has been accused of lashing out at British actor and boxer Gary Stretch at a party in Hollywood. The Savages actor was accompanying his friend, Olav Prinz Von Sachsen, to the bash on 20 July (13) when they ran into the Django Unchained star and asked to pose for a photo with him.
In an interview with America’s Star magazine, Stretch says, “He obliged, and we walked away.”
However, after taking the picture, Foxx reportedly became enraged that they did not leave immediately.
Stretch continues, “He yelled, ‘You’ve had your photo, now get the f**k out of my space! Move now! Do you know who the f**k I am?'”
The champion boxer claims that he laughed at the Oscar winner, but the reaction further incensed him and Foxx allegedly stepped up to confront Stretch.
He explains, “People had to jump in and block him. Had he not been a big star, we all know (he) would have been asked to leave. It’s just a sad fact.”