Brad Paisley fulfils dying fan’s last wish on new album

Country star Brad Paisley has fulfilled a dying fan’s last wish by playing the late cancer patient’s custom-made guitar on his new track Officially Alive. Last autumn (12), the singer met terminally-ill Pennsylvania resident Lee Feldman, who urged Paisley to accept his gift and not let the instrument go unused or forgotten after his death.
Feldman passed away in November (12), and the hitmaker reveals he followed through on his promise by taking the guitar into the studio with him for the recording of his 10th studio album, Wheelhouse.
He says, “I was given a guitar in my meet and greet by a man who was dying of pancreatic cancer and had weeks to live. He was a really feisty, wonderful old guy, (who) gave me this great old guitar that was an electric, sort of Les Paul-like, and he said, ‘I want you to have this… if you’re going to play it, I want you to have it. If you ain’t going to play it, give it to someone else. I don’t want it collecting dust.’ He said, ‘I want this to live on.’
“So… I went, ‘I know the song for that,’ and that’s what plays the guitar leads on Officially Alive. As the album ends, it’s one of the last things you hear.”