Brad Paisley ignores label boss’ plea, leaks new single on Twitter

Country star Brad Paisley has purposefully ignored a plea from label bosses not to leak his upcoming single, just days after allowing fans to preview his whole album online. The Celebrity hitmaker came under fire from Sony Music Nashville executives over the weekend (26-27Jul14) after deciding to post snippets from each track from his next album, Moonshine in the Trunk, on his blog.
Sony chiefs chastised the singer for the unauthorised move and removed the clips from the Internet, but an undeterred Paisley continued to risk their wrath on Wednesday (30Jul14), when he shared snapshots of his email exchange with Sony’s Gary Overton, who explicitly begged the star not to leak the title track from the album.
In the message, Overton wrote in part, “I know you’re really excited about your fans hearing your new music and that’s why you’ve been leaking it on Twitter. That’s cool. Wish you would have told us first. But please don’t leak the song ‘Moonshine’ because we have a big promotion planned for it. We want to release it in a unique, one-of-a-kind way. Thx (thanks). You’re the best!”
Paisley then revealed his response to Overton, which read, “Gary- Okay. So promote the song Moonshine in the trunk -Got it!”, and proceeded to share a link to the tune’s audio on
In the accompanying caption, the cheeky singer wrote, “So you heard the man. Promote the song Moonshine. Here we go. Buckle up.”
However, Sony chiefs were keeping a close eye on Paisley and minutes later the track was pulled.
In follow-up tweets, the star posted, “Did they pull it?… Darn darn darn darn Darny darn darn (sic)!!!!!!!”
Prior to the latest leak, Paisley took to his Twitter blog to make it clear he was not looking to get kicked off Sony, despite filing a $10 million (£5.9 million) lawsuit against them for breach of contract and unpaid royalties earlier this year (14).
He wrote, “Let me say: I love recording at Sony. I love my manager, my publicist, my agent. But yes, I’m doing this largely on my own.”