Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston ‘Hire Private Divorce Judge’

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have reportedly hired a private divorce judge to
preside over the termination of their marriage, because they want to keep the
causes of their split a closely guarded secret.

The clandestine nature of the former golden couple’s approach to their
divorce has further fueled media speculation that Pitt‘s growing affection for
Angelina Jolie caused the collapse of their marriage.

However, Aniston did not mention a third party or infidelity on Pitt‘s part
when she filed for divorce early this year.

They will negotiate their split in front of temporary judge Jill Robbins in
their lawyers’ offices thanks to concessions which only exist in California–and will be spared having the details of their split printed in public court

Celebrity divorce lawyer Raoul Felder says, “This is a rent-a-judge
situation. It’s something that can only be done in the state of California.”

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