Brad Pitt: ‘I knew I had been hacked’

Brad Pitt: ‘I knew I had been hacked’

In July (12), the Hollywood supercouple was named among a long list of high-profile victims of the now-defunct newspaper’s campaign of cell phone voicemail interception, but the announcement came as no surprise to Pitt – he was already convinced he had been hacked because of the level of interest in his family life.

The Fight Club star tells British magazine Live, “I had a suspicion we’d probably come up. We were a very lucrative news story for about a year and a half…

“Whether I’m paranoid by nature or I’ve become paranoid – as a hunted animal does on the plains of Africa – I’ve always suspected. There’s always people trying to break your codes, get your stuff… I’m not surprised.”

The News of the World shut down last year (11) at the height of the phone hacking scandal as it emerged hundreds of celebrities and members of the public had been targeted.