Brad Renfro Reports for Work

Actor Brad Renfro reported to the set of “Bully” in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on Wednesday, one day after the teen was released from jail for allegedly trying to steal a boat. The “Apt Pupil” and “Client” star, 18, and a friend, Harold Bond, 24, were arrested Monday by police after the pair were apprehended for attempting to commandeer a 45-foot luxury vessel valued at $175,000. According to police reports, the duo forgot to untie the dock lines, bouncing the boat back and damaging the stern.

Renfro was released after posting $10,000 bond Tuesday. He is charged with grand theft in the incident.

The actor is in Florida to work on the Larry Clark film for Tri-Mark/Lions Gate about a group of teenagers who grow tired of being picked on by the school bully. When the bully’s best friend (Renfro) and his girlfriend (Rachel “Mrs. Macaulay Culkin” Miner) decide that life would be better without the bully, eight of the teens lure him to a swamp and kill him.

Sounds uplifting.

Renfro has had trouble with the law before. In 1998, he was arrested after police found heroine and cocaine in his front pocket.