Brand hopes Wall Street demo will prompt social change

Thousands of activists are camping out at Zuccotti Park in Manhattan’s famous financial district to call for an end to corporate greed, and the British funnyman visited the site on Wednesday (19Oct11).

Brand was overwhelmed by the “absence of anger and resentment” among the group, and he is convinced their social stand will make a difference.

In a post on his website, he writes, “The sense of cohesion and civic duty in the square, which many call Liberty Square, its former title, was something I found appealing. Protesters took the time to educate me on the matters that had brought them to the square.

“Perhaps it is this ambience of inclusion, of acceptance and indeed of love that has brought Occupy Wall Street such success. There is a remarkable absence of anger and resentment which is why the movement resonates so deeply.

“As I walked home… I felt incredibly hopeful, the benevolence and enlightenment of the Zuccotti tribe alleviated my feelings of hypocrisy, at least for now.

“The Occupy Wall Street movement is already a success on the most basic of principles; it’s own simple objective as stated in its name has been met- Wall Street is occupied. At least Zuccotti Park is, this once architecturally banal plaza, framed by silently thundering corporate tombstones, is becoming both the graveyard of a deceased economic dogma and the cradle of the revolution.

“America is awake and with it the American dream has awoken.”