Brian May planning collaboration with Psy

Queen rocker Brian May is teaming up with South Korean sensation Psy for an unlikely pop collaboration. The guitarist met up for lunch with the Gangnam Style hitmaker and now they are reportedly set to head into the studio together to revamp one of May’s tracks, according to Britain’s The Sun.
Psy has previously credited the Bohemian Rhapsody icons with inspiring him to become a singer, but May insists he was actually battling his own nerves before they were introduced.
He explains, “It turns out he’s a massive Queen fan and he says he’s in the business because of us, which is always nice to hear. I was quite nervous to meet him. The guy’s had 1.6 billion views on YouTube. It turns out that he was pretty nervous too. So we just sat there and looked at each other for a while. Then we had a good conversation and it was nice. It was a friendly lunch… We talked music strangely enough, in its various forms, and our history.”
May is adamant Psy won’t be a one-hit wonder, adding, “He’s not a flash in the pan, he’s made six albums. I’ve come to understand what he’s about. He’s a very thoughtful guy.”