Brie Larson: ‘My Captain Marvel is a Symbol of Strength for Women’


Brie Larson feels a responsibility to “break” the constraints of female roles with her portrayal of Captain Marvel.

The Oscar-winning actress will take the lead in Marvel’s first female-centered project, though few details have yet been revealed other than it’s slated for a 2019 release.

Captain Marvel, Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios

Brie has been vocal about her desire to play powerful parts in the past and she hopes to do this particular character justice when it comes to inspiring other women.

“I feel a great responsibility,” the 27-year-old told The Sunday Times. “I want to create this symbol of strength and humor for women that I really wish I had had growing up. It feels so valuable. We need to break through that glass ceiling – women go to the theatre to see a movie with a male lead, and men will go see a film with a female lead. We’re all equals here.”

It was her Academy Award-winning role in 2015 film Room that really boosted her career, with Brie admitting her job lacked momentum until last year (16). She can currently be seen in Kong: Skull Island, with her new film, Free Fire, hitting screens from later this month (Mar17). She has several other projects in the pipeline as well, including her directorial debut Unicorn Store.

“I’m now getting more opportunities, but before the Oscar, my career was stop and go,” she reflected. “I’d maybe get one job a year, then the rest of my time was spent going to three auditions a day, driving all over town, changing my clothes in bathrooms to become different characters.”

In Free Fire Brie is the only female cast member, and she stars opposite actors Cillian Murphy, Armie Hammer and Sam Riley. However, rather than playing a damsel in distress in the shootout movie, Brie’s alter ego has some tricks up her sleeve.

“These masculine voices just scream at each other,” the star smiled. “My character, Justine, is a little bit quieter, a little bit savvier, and is sort of outsmarting them and getting to the end. That is an interesting concept.”

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