Brie Larson: ‘To live as a woman is to live on the defense’


Brie Larson detailed an uncomfortable experience with a TSA (Transportation Security Administration) agent as she revealed that living as a woman means “living life on the defense”.

The 28-year-old actress took to Twitter to tell her followers about the incident that occurred at an airport recently, writing: “I merely smiled at a TSA agent and he asked for my phone number. To live life as a woman is to live life on the defense.”

While many fans sympathized with Brie, others were less understanding, with one person writing: “OH NO! A guy asked for your number. You poor thing. Women be complaining they don’t find a good guy, but complain when dudes ask for their # (number).”

However, Room star Brie wasn’t willing to take that, and hit back: “You do realize you’re blaming me for a situation I did not ask to be in? A situation that made me uncomfortable?”

She then continued: “I hope you take the time to learn more about the experience of women. It’s real + scary sometimes and people like you can make it better.”

Brie’s remarks came after she denounced producer Harvey Weinstein following claims of sexual abuse against him from actresses and female employees.

After the news broke, she tweeted: “As always, I stand with the brave survivors of sexual assault and harassment. It’s not your fault. I believe you.”

Former Girls star Lena Dunham was another famous face who spoke out in support of Weinstein’s accusers, writing on Twitter: “The woman who chose to speak about their experience of harassment by Harvey Weinstein deserve our awe. It’s not fun or easy. It’s brave.”

And The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants star Amber Tamblyn, who recently hit headlines after claiming actor James Woods hit on her when she was just 16 years old, tweeted: “Heed the mantra and never forget: Women. Have. Nothing. To. Gain. And. Everything. To Lose. By. Coming. forward.” After receiving some criticism from some over that tweet, Amber clarified: “Let me be emphatically clear.

This tweet was for those who want to blame victims. Fellow women: Come. Forward. I will stand beside you.”