Bringing in the Big Gun, er, Gumbel

Move over Jeff, Bryant’s moving in for some airtime. Variety is reporting that CBS has picked “Early Show” host Bryant Gumbel to host next week’s post-“Survivor” finale. But don’t feel too sorry for “Survivor” host Jeff Probst. He’ll be reporting from Australia, the site for the next installment of the popular show, during the hour-long special.

“Survivor: The Reunion” (Wednesday 10 p.m.), will bring together all 16 of the original cast members and feature footage of the booted castaways while they watch the final episode together before a live studio audience.

And you can expect CBS to milk next week’s show for all it’s worth. Gumbel will report from Los Angeles next Wednesday and Thursday, with the final four castaways making their first morning show appearance on the “Early Show” on Thursday.

But the real clincher will be when 1970s disco diva Gloria Gaynor will appear on the show to sing her hit, “I Will Survive.”