British star says his “best film” can’t find a distributor

British actor Nick Moran, who starred in last year’s hit indie film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, has told the BBC that distributors have turned their backs on his latest movie, Christie Malry’s Own Double Entry because it is difficult to market and because the major Hollywood studios have first dibs on most of the U.K.’s screens.

“I’m stuck with … the best film I’ve ever done, and no one will see it … because of the state of the industry,” he told the BBC. Moran said that the film is hard to market, “because this isn’t ‘the next’ anything — it’s the first.”

He pointed out that the film has received rave reviews when it was screened at film festivals.

In reporting on Moran’s distress over the waylaying of the film, the BBC noted that Double Entry concerns a man who seeks revenge for assorted societal wrongs by, in one instance, killing thousands of Londoners by polluting the water supply. Given current world events, the subject matter alone may have presented a problem for distributors, the BBC implied.