Britney goes on wild Christmas shopping spree

In the true Christmas spirit, it’s the giving that counts.

At least, that’s how pop singer Britney Spears feels about it. Recently, the pop diva spent nearly $110,000 on Christmas gifts for her friends and family in one day in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The difficult decision was what perfect gift she should get for her boyfriend, ‘N Sync’s Justin Timberlake.

At Gucci, the 20-year-old superstar showed her true colors and picked up a kinky set of $700 silver handcuffs.

“She loudly declared, ‘I’ve got to get them for Justin–he’ll love them,’” said a fellow shopper.

Spotted at the swanky Prada shop, the Daily Star reports that Spears bought a (less kinky) leather coat, luggage and a pair of combat boots, spending over $14,000 in total.

Spears went on to spend another $50,000 at Gucci before moving onto Barney’s New York Store, where she bought more designer goods for a hefty $43,000.