Britney on “Top of the Pops”

Pop sensation Britney Spears arrived in London yesterday, set to perform her latest single “Overprotected ” on Friday night’s Top of the Pops.

The self-confessed virgin was accompanied by an entourage of 20, which depending on the source is either modest or excessive.

London’s Daily Mail described her entourage as being so large it took five people-carriers to transport them from Heathrow airport to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in central London.

The paper went on to say that Spears checked into a $6,750-a-night Imperial Suite at the five-star hotel-a two-bedroom gold-decorated pad-and then toured the city in a parade of limousines with burly bodyguards in tow.

But according to Top of the Pops producers, Spears‘ entourage pales in comparison to Jennifer Lopez‘s, who reportedly travels with an army of stylists and chefs and often requests her dressing room be decorated prior to her arrival.

“Britney has made no outlandish demands and she only has an entourage of 20-half of what J.Lo had, ” a spokeswoman told Sky News.

“Of course, she had a couple of minders but other than that she is just here with her dancers and a band.”

Sky News went on to say that the 20-year-old singer went for a stroll around Hyde Park in the rain then headed off to shop at Harvey Nichols, where she went unnoticed by fellow shoppers.

Whether Spears‘ arrival was no-fuss or overly-demanding, one thing showbiz insiders agree on is that security levels at the BBC studios where the show was recorded were said to have reached an all-time high.

Friday, Spears is also slated to give radio interviews and tape a segment for a television talk show hosted by comic Frank Skinner before flying off to Cannes for a news conference at the Midem music industry festival this weekend.

Spears will reportedly sing a duet with Skinner following the interview.

A source on the Skinner show said that audience members would be subjected to strict security checks, including X-ray checks and metal detectors, to stop anyone from smuggling in cameras and recording equipment. The show will air on January 26.

Spears‘ appearance on Top of the Pops will be broadcast tonight on BBC1.