Britney Spears Conked on the Head!

Tragedy, in the form of a wayward camera, befell the head of popstress Britney Spears during a video shoot in Southern California last week, it has been learned. Britney Spears Reports of the March 18 accident have been posted by the singer’s mother, Lynne Spears, on one of the singer’s official Web sites (

The 18-year-old non-Grammy winner suffered what her mother termed a concussion in the incident. A doctor was immediately called to the Universal City, Calif., set. After four stitches and a few hours of rest, Spears sprinted back to work on the “Oops … I Did It Again” video until its completion around midnight that night.

“Everyone was shocked and speechless. Brit tried to assure them that everything was OK,” writes Mother Spears in her longwinded Web post. “But, about that time, one of the crew screamed because Brit was bleeding terribly from the head. This, in turn, scared Brit to death.”

After elaborating on the accident, Mother Spears goes on to detail (1) her motherly guilt about not being around more for her daughters (including Brit’s younger sister Jamie Lynn); (2) the new house the family’s expecting to move in; and, (3) the power of the full moon.

“I hope this week will be a little better. I warned Brit that it was a full moon [that led to the video mishap],” Mother Spears writes. “Some of you may not believe in such things, but my great uncles and aunts live by the Almanac. They always planted their gardens by the Almanac, and I have seen that more babies are born, children are wilder in the classroom. Nursing homes and prisons are also said to be worse during full moons. So, be especially careful during the full moon!”

Live your life accordingly.