Britt Ekland brands Wicker Man co-stars boring

Actress Britt Ekland hated shooting cult horror movie The Wicker Man and has branded her co-stars Edward Woodward and Sir Christopher Lee “dour”. The Swedish star played a sexy temptress in the creepy 1973 movie, which stars Woodward as a God-fearing Christian searching for a missing girl on a Pagan island off the coast of Scotland.
Ekland insists she had no fun on the shoot, and now she has branded her two leading men boring and revealed she did not get on with the movie’s director Robin Hardy.
She tells British magazine Seven, “Christopher Lee and (Woodward) were both very closed, dour people. I can get along with anyone, with a snail, but these people I could not reach. I hated being on the movie because I was pregnant and it was hard and because Robin Hardy didn’t like me. He wanted Ingrid Pitt to have my role.”
Ironically, Ekland went on to work alongside Lee again in the following year’s (74) Bond movie, The Man with the Golden Gun.