Broadway star Valarie Pettiford to release lullabies album

The Broadway star’s second solo album, Velvet Sky, features a collection of songs written especially for the actress/singer by two legendary writing teams, Ron Abel and Chuck Steffan, and Michael Orland and Jamie Wooten.

Pettiford tells WENN, “I am very proud of this project. It was a real labour of love… I think people, especially parents, single parents, and soon-to-be parents, will really connect with this music, which will help them connect more with their babies.

“My husband, Tony Rader, and I were thinking about having children and thought what a beautiful idea it would be to record an album of lullabies… I also thought my voice was well-suited for lullabies.”

And there’s one song on the album, called My Miracle, which Pettiford hopes will become an anthem to parents who have struggled to conceive: “It touches the core of any woman who has had difficulty having children. It speaks to the beauty of an impossible dream realised.”