Brooke Shields Mocks Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ Romance

Actress Brooke Shields and Tom Cruise‘s ongoing feud has intensified–after
the actress mocked the16 year age-gap between the actor and his new
girlfriend Katie Holmes.

Cruise–who has helped people fight drug addictions through his
controversial Scientology religion–recently attacked Shields for becoming
dependant on anti-depressant Paxil, following the birth of her daughter Rowan.

And Shields has continued her war of words against Cruise following his
“dangerous” comments, by offering him a child ticket so he can take Holmes to
see her in hit London musical Chicago.

She says, “If he wants to see Chicago, I’ve left him two tickets–one adult,
one child.”

The actress recently took a swipe at Cruise‘s religious beliefs, by saying
she wouldn’t take advice from someone who devotes his life to aliens.

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