Bruce Lee in new action movie?

Will the wonders of technology never cease?

Even though kung-fu icon Bruce Lee has been dead for more than 28 years, he is being resurrected, via computer technology, to star in the martial arts actioner Dragon Warrior. This will mark the first time a dead actor will appear in a major movie role.

The $50 million film is being produced by a Korean financier ShinCine Communications, headed by Chul Shin, who acquired the rights of Lee‘s likeness from Lee‘s widow, Linda Lee Cadwell, and his daughter, Shannon Lee. The two women will also be involved in the project to oversee the content.

Daughter Shannon told Variety that she and her mother agreed to the movie “because we believe in ShinCine’s and Mr. Shin’s enthusiasm and commitment to making a first-rate film.”

Lee was a veteran of the Hong Kong cinema, with cult classics hit such as Fist of Fury and Enter the Dragon, when he died at the tender age of 32 due to a brain edema.