Bryan Cranston Honed Voice Acting Skills with First ‘Power Rangers’ Gig


The new Power Rangers movie brings Bryan Cranston’s career full circle because voicing the villains on the original TV show really helped him hone his acting talents.

The Breaking Bad star had yet to make his mark on Hollywood when he landed a gig on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers back in 1993, providing the sounds for the characters Twinman and Snizard, and Bryan admits it was a real learning experience because he learned how to use his voice to the best of his abilities.

“I used to go into the booth and record some of the monster (voices), like, ‘You will not defeat me’, ‘You have no chance of survival’,” he recalled on Today, “and it was a great gig, because it taught me how to convey emotion or tell a story with only your voice, so I was grateful to have it.”

Over two decades later, the Oscar nominee was tapped for a new big screen adaptation of the Power Rangers – and he was pleasantly surprised to have been asked to return to the franchise.

Bryan said, “Then I get a call saying, ‘We’d like you to be in the new Power Rangers movie.’ I was like, ‘Wow!’.”

This time around, he stars as the character Zondor, a group mentor for the five superheroes, who have to band together to save the world from the threat of aliens.

The movie is a standalone from the popular TV series, but Bryan insists there will be subtle nods to the show for fans to watch out for.

He explained, “It has a lot of the folklore from the original series, little Easter eggs (inside jokes) that fans of the series will be able to recognise, but it is, in and of itself, its own entity, a reimagined version of that story.”

And while Bryan had a blast shooting the film, there was one aspect of the script he just couldn’t get his head around – mastering the alien language.

“It was hard, because there’s no relationship to any sound that humans make!” he moaned. “If you hear Mandarin, you go, ‘Oh, I’ve heard it a few times, and I can (sort of make it out)’ – no, this is nothing (like that), there is nothing you can relate it to…!”

Power Rangers features Becky G, Dacre Montgomery, RJ Cyler, Naomi Scott, and Ludi Lin as the teen action stars, while Elizabeth Banks depicts evil villainess Rita Repulsa in the film.

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