Bucks Fizz star releases songs that helped him bounce back from coach crash

Former Bucks Fizz star Mike Nolan has released a new solo album full of tracks that helped him regain his memory following a 1984 coach crash. The Fantasy Island singer’s friends and family played the star’s favourite 1960s and 1970s tracks in a bid to help him recovery from the accident which almost claimed his life.
And now Nolan has recorded his versions of the tunes for his first solo album, In My Life.
His publicist Murray Harkin says, “The effects of the crash were to remain with Mike for years after leaving him even to this day with short-term memory loss and impaired vision.
“Ever since the one constant in Mike’s life was the music that steered him through his life journey and which gave him hope that one day he would fulfil his ambition of recording a solo album.”
The tracklisting features the Eagles’ Desperado, James Taylor’s You’ve Got a Friend and Wichita Lineman by Glen Campbell, who is facing his own battle with memory loss as a result of Alzheimer’s.