Busta Rhymes planning Chris Lighty tribute for new album

Busta Rhymes is planning to include a special tribute to his late manager Chris Lighty in the artwork for his new album because the music mogul died before the project was finished. Lighty, who managed stars including Mariah Carey and Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, was found with a gunshot wound to the head at his apartment in New York in 2012 and officials ruled his death a suicide.
Rhymes was recording his new album, Extinction Level Event 2, at the time of the tragedy, and he wants to honour Lighty’s memory by including an email from him in the artwork.
He tells Rolling Stone, “The only misfortune I have about this project is I lost Chris Lighty… in the making of this album. I saved this email that Chris sent me on August 9th, 2011 where he deemed this album my best album of my entire career… I never had Chris say this to me before and he was my manager for years. To get that from your manager who was like your big brother, it’s like, ‘Damn. I finally did it’ and now he’s not here. I’m going to take a snapshot of the email and put it in the artwork of the project and share it with the world when the time is right. I feel a little cheated, but that’s the bittersweet part of the whole thing.”
The album is due for release in the autumn (14).