Busy Philipps denies moles were airbrushed out of new cover shoot


Busy Philipps has assured fans her moles were not photoshopped out on her Health magazine cover shoot.

Busy excitedly shared a photo of the cover on her Instagram page, and thanked editors for including her in the issue.

The I Feel Pretty actress is seen posing in a red bikini in the snap, though some of her followers noted that a few of her distinctive moles looked like they had been airbrushed out.

“They didn’t and actually that was discussed,” Busy replied to a concerned fan. “The light was super bright which is why they look less dark, but they did NOT airbrush off my moles. Promise you. I can show you the pics from the monitor at the shoot – it’s truly just the bright light making them a little lighter.”

This isn’t the first time Busy has spoken about her moles, which are dotted over her face, neck and chest. In 2017, she revealed that while once working on a TV show, network bosses ordered for them all to be covered.

“Do you know that 1. That’s literally almost impossible? 2. Moles covered with make-up look WAY weirder than when they’re natural? 3. It’s super insulting cause it’s basically like saying, “we ALMOST think you’re pretty, if you just got rid of this major part of what you look like”??” the 38-year-old wrote on Instagram.

“So anyway, the make-up artist tried for like 3 days and then was like f**k it! And I guess it was fine.”