Calle 13 rapper demolishes luxury sports car in music video

Calle 13 rapper Rene Perez Joglar wrecked his own luxury Maserati sports car while shooting his new music video in a protest against excess. The Puerto Rican hip-hop star is hoping the extreme stunt in the promo for single Adentro will help persuade fans to reconsider the way they strive for material possessions.
He tells, “I bought the Maserati because I myself fell victim to the stereotypes. I thought that once I had a nice house and a nice car that meant I had made it in the entertainment industry.
“When I started using the car, it made me feel uncomfortable owning it… because I realised that the car stood for everything that is wrong with society… Material goods aren’t what makes life worthwhile.”
In the video, Joglar is handed a bat by baseball great Willie Mays, and then proceeds to smash the windows and headlights of his luxury vehicle.