Cara Delevingne obsessed over negative comments early in her career


Cara Delevingne used to look for negative comments when she started her modelling career.

The 26-year-old, who became one of the most famous faces in the fashion industry, before making the transition to acting, admitted that earlier in her career she found it a struggle not to read hateful comments online.

Cara, who has teamed up with Rita Ora to front Rimmel London’s I Will Not Be Deleted anti-bullying campaign, a global initiative to help those affected by cyberbullying, shared in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar U.K., that she previously looked out for social media hatred on her own profiles.

“I spent a lot of time looking through stuff at the beginning of my career, looking for people to hate me because I probably didn’t like myself at the same time,” she admitted. “But the worst thing is, is that you kind of get used to it. I’m used to seeing it, and now I laugh it off. I think, of course there’s going to be people that think that, but you know what, I don’t. So that’s the most important thing; if you don’t think it that’s what matters.”

The British star admitted that extreme comments regarding her political beliefs can “really scare me” but she emphasised that it was important to be able “to express yourself freely.” During her modelling years Cara’s appearance underwent many changes, and she admits it made her less keen to be experimental in her younger years.

“When I started my career I felt that I was wearing so much make-up at work so I didn’t want to personally express myself by wearing make-up – because I just wanted to wear none when I could,” she explained. “But now I have more freedom with it, it’s fun to experiment with beauty. Especially with my short hair I might go more dramatic with the eyes, or put on a red lip, or I go neutral and masculine – it’s cool to play with it.”