Carlyle’s agony over Hitler role

The Scottish star played the German Fuhrer in 2003 movie Hitler: The Rise of Evil, and wept on set because he was convinced his anti-Semitic rants were offending Jewish crewmembers.

And Carlyle admits the strain of playing Hitler stayed with him for “months” after the cameras stopped rolling.

He says, “If you are spewing bile as Adolf Hitler it doesn’t just stop when they say ‘cut’. It’s in your f**king mind, this stuff is rattling around, these words, this hatred, this bile, is in there, and you need to just sit and let it go. That one in particular took months to get rid of, I felt horrible.

“There was one really hard moment during the beer hall speeches, it was only after I’d done it that I realised how many Jewish people were in the crew, and that affected me. I was in tears and going round saying sorry and stuff. They would say, ‘It’s OK’, but it was bad for me because I felt awful saying that stuff.”