Carole King makes surprise appearance at Broadway show

Veteran singer/songwriter Carole King stunned the cast of Broadway show Beautiful on Thursday night (03Apr14) by taking to the stage during the curtain call. The castmembers of the production, which is based on King’s life and music, were taking their final bow at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre in New York City on Thursday when the star herself joined them on stage, much to their surprise.
King was given a standing ovation by the audience and performed her classic song, You’ve got a Friend.
The appearance comes after King previously insisted she would not watch the show, even walking out halfway through a cast read-through.
Her daughter Sherry Kondor previously told, “She came to a reading and lasted halfway through. She said ‘I have to go.’ I said, ‘You’re just going? What do I tell all these people?’ She said, ‘Tell them it’s great. I can tell it’s great. But I can’t watch my life played out before me.'”