Carrie Fisher: ‘I have to learn bipolar management from Catherine Zeta-Jones’

Catherine Zeta-Jones has inspired movie star and author Carrie Fisher to conquer her own bipolar issues. The Star Wars veteran suffered an embarrassing medication mix-up during a performance onboard a cruise liner in February (13) and that incident, coupled with the Chicago star’s public battle, has prompted Fisher to get to grips with her condition once and for all.
She tells U.S. news show Extra, “I’ve got to learn from her (Zeta-Jones). I love that she went in preventively (sic), so that’s going to be what I do from now on.”
The younger star went public with her bipolar condition last year (12) before checking into a treatment centre, and she returned for more help earlier this year (13).
Recalling her cruise ship collapse, Fisher say, “My medication had a little problem with itself. I happened to be on stage with one of my dogs. It was a very eccentric moment, but you have problems with medication and you can have… It’s a balance issue. I went out of balance in public.”
The actress sparked fears for her health when she began slurring her words during a performance on the Holland America Eurodam in the Caribbean and she was subsequently hospitalised.