Casey Affleck: ‘I won’t buy my kids a car’

Casey Affleck is determined his children will “earn” what they have in life, rather than benefiting from having a famous father.
The 43-year-old actor shares two sons with ex-wife Summer Phoenix – 15-year-old Indiana and 11-year-old Atticus. And when it comes to raising his boys, Casey wants to ensure they know the value of working hard for the things that they want, as he did when he was growing up.
“My son said he should start thinking about getting a car. I told him to start thinking about getting a job,” he told Yahoo!. “I’m not the parent that will buy them a car. They will have to earn it like I did. They give me that look like, ‘Give us a break!’ and I wonder if I am being too hard.”
Despite having an Oscar-winning actor as a father, neither Indiana or Atticus are particularly interested in Casey’s career. In fact, they aren’t too keen on movies as a whole – although Indiana was still on hand to offer his dad some notes on his new movie Light of My Life.
“My oldest son came to a reading of a scene and he gave me two pages of notes,” Casey smiled. “They were the best notes that I got from anyone. I’ll save them forever. At the end of every movie, I make a T-shirt for everyone on the crew. On the back of the shirt, I put all his notes. Some of it was from his point of view. Some of it was objective stuff about storytelling. There’s too many moments where I’m like this or like that. They were sophisticated suggestions.”
Another thing Indiana has helped Casey with is building up his social media presence.
“My son told me I had to get a verified Instagram account,” he explained. “My heart sank. I need all the help I can get. My son is 15 and knows what it is. At a certain point, you can protect from the world but then you have to move into the world with them. To me, that has meant allowing them to be online with the rest of the world.”