Catherine Keener Joining Jim Carrey on TV


Actress Catherine Keener is returning to the small screen to star opposite Jim Carrey in new comedy series Kidding.

The funnyman will portray Jeff and his alter ego Mr. Pickles, a beloved children’s entertainer battling to keep his sanity as his personal life implodes, while Keener has been cast as his assistant Deirdre, who undertakes the thankless task of crafting all of his puppets, reports

The Being John Malkovich star is no stranger to TV – she recently featured alongside Oscar Isaac in the mini-series Show Me a Hero, and appeared in episodes of Seinfeld, Nightwatch, and crime drama Ohara, her first big gig back in 1987.

Likewise, Carrey hasn’t been a regular on TV since his first major stint on the sketch comedy series In Living Color launched his movie career.

Kidding will be directed by Michel Gondry, who worked with Carrey on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

The Truman Show star and fellow actor Jason Bateman will serve as executive producers of the new half-hour Showtime series.