‘Cats’ Bids Adieu to Broadway

At least one of its nine lives is over. “Cats,” the longest-running show in Broadway history, closed Sunday after 18 years, 7,485 performances and a box office tally of more than $400 million.

The final performances was given to an exclusive crowd of 1,500, who stopped the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical midway with applause after the big number “The Jellicle Ball,” reported Reuters.

“Tonight is the last night of ‘Cats’’ first life on Broadway,” Lloyd Webber said after taking the stage following the show’s finale.

The original New York cast of 36 felines opened the show at the Winter Garden on Oct. 7, 1982. The musical has been produced in 30 countries and seen by an estimated 50 million people.

“Cats” is still running in London.