Celebrity Comic-Con Disguises

Robert Pattinson as 'Harry Potter'
This would just be too good to see. It would be too hilarious. And imagine the awkward possibilities if he ran into Daniel Radcliffe there or something? "Hey, uh, Dan." "...Rob?" "...Yeah...it's a funny story." "Right, well, I was totally going to show up as a vampire, but I ran out of glitter." "That could've been awkward..." "Tell me about it." "..." Yikes!
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Buzz Lightyear from 'Toy Story'
He is a superhero. So what better way than to combine his lovable playfulness with his potential superhero future than have him dress up as Buzz Lightyear? Plus all the gadgets in that suit will help him deflect the barrage of questions he will undoubtedly face on the floor of Comic-Con, but still leave his pretty little face visible for the rest of us.
Jessica Biel as Supergirl
Jessica Biel has earned this costume because in she IS Supergirl. No other ladies rock a ring from Justin Timberlake, y'all! But Biel is equally as maligned as Supergirl in the comic book universe, so... you know what they say! If the shoe fits.
Leonardo DiCaprio as C-3PO
An actor that's considered the golden boy of Hollywood deserves to stand out a little, no? So what better way to attend the convention than for DiCaprio to cover himself in robotic gold? Just leave whatever supermodel-du-jour you're schtupping at home — that'll be a dead giveaway.
Matt Damon as Bender from 'Futurama'
Matt Damon is a hunk, you guys. He is going to distract no matter where he goes, so the best thing to do is cover up his face as best as possible. Plus he can hide his muscular 'Elysium' frame with ease in the tubular body of Bender. Don't be surprised if Ben Affleck shows up in a Fry costume, begging to be put on the "Do Not Kill" list.
Sarah Silverman as Alice from 'Alice in Wonderland'
Sarah Silverman will be hanging out at the Disney event, so why not dress her as an old-school Disney character? And why not have it be the drugged-up curiosity-monger Alice from 'Alice in Wonderland?' Foul-mouthed Alice would feel like a modern take on the character, and would totally keep her identity under wraps.
Tim Burton as 'Beetlejuice'
Well this one is pretty obvious, eh? You have to work with what you've got, and Burton's got a head of crazy hair that rivals that of his classic film 'Beetlejuice.' It's called hiding in plain site.
Jake Gyllenhaal as 'Edward Scissorhands'
He's just so misunderstood! Edward Scissorhands was just so misunderstood! Plus the whole scissors-for-hands thing will come in handy around extra-feisty super-fans.
Alison Brie as an Ewok from 'Star Wars'
Is there anything more adorable and spunky than Alison Brie? What about an Ewok? Yes, it's a close one. So she should play to her strengths! She can use her incredibly nasally voice and the sassy stubbornness of her 'Community' alter-ego Annie Edison to run circles around everyone else. Plus with all that hair on your face, no one will be able to tell its you! Perfect!
Kristen Stewart as a Dementor from 'Harry Potter'
With Robert Pattinson as Harry and Stewart's Dementor, well, no coupling could be more perfect.
Bryan Cranston as 'The Incredible Hulk'
Feelin' a bit green around the gills there, Walter White? Well have no fear, because just like the Hulk, we don't think we'd like to be around you when you're angry, either. And have no doubt, people will steer clear of you on the Comic-Con floor if you truly embody the spirit of the Hulk. It'll be like you have the whole place to yourself! 
Arnold Schwarzenegger as Bane from the Batman Comic Books
Well, see, we already can barely understand Schwarzenegger here, so why not just throw a mask on his face and make it easier on everyone involved? Plus he's a huge like Bane!
Lucy Liu as Harley Quinn
We all know Lucy Liu can play a sultry super-villainess — so why not just let her play in her wheelhouse, eh? Plus we know she could pull off the over-the-top physical stunts thanks to her time as one of Charlie's Angels. Plus she got to be the Joker's girlfriend which was pretty bada**. Plus her masked appearance is the perfect way to waltz about the floor unnoticed.
Michael C. Hall as 'Doctor Who'
When you're a serial killer, you know the best way to maintain cover is to blend in with the masses. The 'Doctor Who' costume will more likely than not be one of (if not THE) most popular costume at Comic-Con this year. So really, it's brilliant — Hall will be able to roam about the floor without ever once being noticed. Smart thinking: just like America's favorite murderer.
Elijah Wood as Oogie Boogie the Boogie Man
'Nightmare Before Christmas?' Going with something campy and creepy would be the perfect way to unnerve people and keep them away from you at the Con. Plus something tells us that Elijah here would be able to really sell a spontaneous flash mob performance of Oogie Boogie's signature song.
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