Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson launching own radio show


Trainer to the stars Tracy Anderson is to share her fitness tips with a new radio show.

The exercise guru, whose famous clients include actress and entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow and singer/actress Jennifer Lopez, has teamed up with Sirius­XM to launch her own project.

Her show will air at midday on Mondays from June 19 and each episode will feature a different celebrity or influencer discussing a different topic.

“This is a real opportunity for me to have an influencer who is breaking down walls and saying, ‘I have to work hard on my body, I have to work hard on wellness,’” she told New York Post’s Page Six. “I’m looking forward to demystifying what really goes on.”

The celebrity trainer is convinced listeners will benefit a great deal from tuning in, and added, “I think it’s gonna be really empowering for a lot of women. There’s gonna be so much take-away.”

Tracy focused on fitness and wellbeing after gaining 40lbs during her first year in New York and she now boasts gyms in locations including New York and London, as well as having an at-home training program.

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