People Are FURIOUS That Charlize Theron Let Her Son Dress Like Elsa From ‘Frozen’

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron has split fans on social media by letting her adopted son dress up as Frozen queen Elsa.

The Mad Max: Fury Road star and her kid Jackson hit the streets of Los Angeles on an errand run earlier this week (beg22Aug16), when snappers caught the boy in his Disney costume.

His look, which featured a blue dress and braided blonde hair, won Charlize applause from some forward-thinking parents, who congratulated her for allowing her son to wear the outfit of his choice, but other Twitter users weren’t quite so kind. 

One user raged: “How is this legal”, while another wrote: “Is @CharlizeAfrica crazy?? What kind of parent does this to a child?? Why would you adopt this young black boy and then degrade him??”, and one more added: “Why did Charlize Theron have her little 5 year old boy in a dress and wig? He’s too young to know what a transgender is. She’s confusing him.”

One of the more positive reactions came from @sixmyths, who tweeted: “Here’s a thought: maybe Charlize Theron’s son WANTED to wear the dress? Crazy, I know. Letting him have his own identity and all”, while another fan wrote: “Charlize Theron’s son wanted to dress up as Elsa. Great parenting. Your kid can do what they like, its (sic) not gonna ‘make them gay'”.