Chief Keef cops accused of using excessive force during latest arrest

Representatives for Chief Keef have accused cops of using “excessive force” in the embattled teenage rapper’s latest arrest. The 17-year-old hip-hop sensation was taken into custody in Illinois on Monday (17Jun13) on a month-old complaint over trespassing, hours after he pleaded guilty in court to separate speeding charges.
Now the rapper’s team has alleged six officers from the Chicago Police Department went overboard when they pulled over the car Chief Keef was riding in and brandished assault rifles during the trespassing arrest.
A statement from the star’s spokesperson reads, “It is not normal practice for police to come from the South Side (of Chicago) armed with AK-47s to arrest a person on misdemeanour trespassing charges, but clearly Chief Keef is a special young man that garner (sic) special treatment from the Chicago Police Department.”
Chief Keef, real name Keith Cozart, was handed 60 hours of community service, a $531 (£343) fine and 18 months’ probation over the speeding charges.
He was also served with his second paternity suit in a year while waiting outside the courtroom, according to the Chicago Tribune.