Chinese superstars remember Run Run Shaw

Chinese movie stars Jackie Chan and Chow Yun Fat have paid tribute to Hong Kong movie mogul Run Run Shaw following his death on Tuesday (07Jan14). The film pioneer, who co-founded one of Asia’s largest film studios and helped launch the careers of a number of stars, died at his home in Hong Kong aged 106.
Now Chan, one of Asia’s most internationally-famous actors, has paid tribute to the movie mogul, revealing Shaw taught him the importance of giving back after becoming successful.
In a message posted on China’s social networking site Weibo, he writes, “I heard that Run Run Shaw passed away and I have many feelings.
“I remembered how much I admired Shaw Brothers movies when I started my acting career and finally became successful. Mr. Run Run Shaw said that starting your own business and collecting money was a satisfaction but that distributing money and donating money was a pleasure. When I finally had the means to help others, Mr. Shaw’s charitable behaviour has always been my model. In the future, no matter whether it’s movies or charity, I will go on.”
Chow Yun Fat, who kicked off his movie career at Shaw’s Television Broadcast Limited (TVB) in 1980s show The Bund, adds, “There’s no me if not for Mr. Shaw.
“Uncle Six (Shaw’s nickname) was very hardworking and every day he came to office for meetings. He took care of the juniors. Once I went with Uncle Six abroad to attend a film festival; he took the initiative to come over and talk to me. He was very friendly and was a good person. I hope he has a good journey. He passed away in his sleep. It was a blessing.”