Chloe Sevigny ‘doesn’t feel like herself’ in Cannes red carpet outfits


Chloe Sevigny feels like she’s losing her identity thanks to her glamorous Cannes outfits.

The actress is on the Critics’ Week jury at the French film festival, which comes to an end this Saturday (19May18), and has been frequently photographed wearing beautiful gowns on the red carpet. Though dressing up is fun for some, Chloe admitted that she loses a sense of who she is when she’s forced to wear clothes so different from her day-to-day wardrobe.

“Going through the hair and make-up process here and wearing these clothes that aren’t yours, it’s hard to feel like yourself,” the 43-year-old confessed in an interview with WWD. “I’m thinking, maybe next time I need to incorporate more of my own to feel more comfortable in my own skin. There’s always such a facade, I feel like you have to play that game to a certain extent, because everybody else is like that on the carpet….but then maybe it’s chicer to not even do that.”

The film star explained that the experience is particularly tough as she’d never been to such a long festival before, and has to pre-plan every outfit “because last-minute-ness would give me anxiety.” On top of all this pressure, she’s painfully aware of all the photos that come with her attendance at the event.

“You’re dealing with two outfits a day, then you’re seeing your image – and then trying to recover from seeing your image. Then trying to delete all the bad ones you’re tagged in thinking that’s going to make a difference and make you feel better,” she lamented.

However, the Boys Don’t Cry star has tried to simplify her style struggles by choosing most of her garments from one fashion brand: Chanel.

“It’s so much easier to work with one house just in terms of logistics, and I thought it was more of a coherent story, to wear Chanel in France,” she smiled.