Chloe Sevigny Slams ‘Disgusting’ Self-Promotion on Social Media


Chloe Sevigny finds the idea of self-promoting herself on social media “disgusting”.

The multitalented star has plenty of strings to her bow, boasting a successful acting career and landing countless gigs as a model. She often keeps fans up to date with her various projects and interests on social media, though you won’t see her posing up a storm in a designer ensemble.

“I’m 42 and I’m already famous – why would I self-promote myself like that? It’s disgusting,” she told The Edit. “I’m very confused by millennials. When I was a teenager, your wardrobe identified who you were. There aren’t any tribes any more. Teenagers just dressing as one.”

The American Horror Story star is so against following style trends that her offbeat outfits are often received with mixed reactions, but she doesn’t let negativity bring her down.

Chloe Sevigny
David Edwards

In fact, Chloe insists it’s “inspiring” for young girls to see someone as unique looking as her who doesn’t fit the conventional description of beauty.

“If Rihanna was in (my outfit), the tabloids would love it. I don’t court mainstream success, so they have a hard time understanding me,” she shrugged. “(I stopped going to fashion shows) because of this weird pressure to have ‘a look’. I don’t feel it (censure) all the time. But it’s impossible for me to go somewhere and not be judged.”

She’s certainly recognized for her skills in front of the camera though and it was recently announced she will be honored with the Excellence in Acting Award at the Provincetown International Film Festival in June (17), where Sofia Coppola will be awarded with the 2017 Filmmaker on the Edge accolade.

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“I’ve been around for a long time; people find authenticity in me,” Chloe, who was nominated for an Oscar for her role in Boys Don’t Cry, added to The Edit. “Within the film community, I have respect.”

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