Chris Columbus writes debut novel

Director Chris Columbus is moving into literature after writing his debut novel for young adults. The Home Alone filmmaker has co-written a book with author Ned Vizzini, entitled House of Secrets, which he hopes will be the first in a trilogy.
The project started out as a screenplay, but Columbus decided to release his tale as a novel because there isn’t “enough money on Earth to turn it into a film”.
Columbus insists the story will resonate with fans of his hit film The Goonies, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “When Ned and I were putting together House of Secrets, I felt that this is really a first cousin to Goonies thematically. That’s the spirit I wrote the book with. I felt I hadn’t written that kind of story since Goonies.”
The book has already been given a great review from the moviemaker’s toughest critic – his son Brendan, who is at film school.
Columbus adds, “My son is relentlessly critical… He stole the book off my desk, didn’t tell me, and left on a plane to New York. I got a call and he said, ‘I just want to tell you. I read half of House of Secrets on the flight. I couldn’t put it down. Dad, I love it.’ That is the best compliment he’s ever given me. And he finished that night. I was really touched by that.”