Chris Evans saved his mother’s life with cancer drugs

British radio DJ Chris Evans’ personal wealth allowed him to save his mother’s life by paying for cancer drugs doctors refused to prescribe to her. The BBC radio presenter, whose personal wealth has been estimated at $67.5 million (£45 million), said doctors refused to allocate a allowance of Herceptin unless his elderly mother Minnie also endured a course of chemotherapy.
Evans was so concerned she would not survive the gruelling treatment, he paid for the $30,000 (£20,000)-a-year course of medication himself.
The DJ tells British magazine Radio Times, “My mum had breast cancer and there was a drug called Herceptin that isn’t available unless you have chemo first. Older people don’t react well to chemo but they do to Herceptin. And I could buy it and it saved her life. She is here because of that drug.”