Chris Hemsworth’s Fearless Son Fractured Leg Leaping From Golf Cart


Chris Hemsworth has shared how one of his sons fractured a leg after leaping from a golf cart.

The Thor: Ragnarok actor and his actress wife Elsa Pataky are parents to five-year-old daughter India and three-year-old twin boys Tristan and Sasha.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night (10Jan18), Chris shared how one of his boys is following in his action hero footsteps and is a “beefy little kid” who will fearlessly perform all sorts of stunts on a daily basis – much to his and Elsa’s dismay.

“(We were in a golf cart on The Avengers set) and we are driving along…. all of a sudden, he leaps out of the golf cart and rolls. And my wife’s like, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ And runs over – he’s kind of half crying, sulking, more embarrassed that he didn’t stick the landing,” he recalled, going on to explain that they took him to the doctor to check for injuries and discovered he had a bad fracture of his femur and it was close to breaking all the way through. “We rushed him off to hospital, put him in a cast, strap him up. The whole time he was more angry that he didn’t land on his feet!”

But it appears the injury didn’t curb the little boy’s enthusiasm for jumping, as Chris then described how he was back in action after just a month.

“He gets the cast off, a day or two later I’m cooking dinner and he’s standing on the benchtop and he’s like, ‘Papa, look my leg’s better.’ He leaps off the bench – a perfect landing,” the 34-year-old smiled.

Chris added that his other son is “much smarter” and doesn’t quite have the same athletic ability as his brother.