Christian Slater’s Mother Makes Emotional Appeal To Press

Actor Christian Slater‘s mother Mary Jo has made a passionate appeal to the
press, begging them to stop writing about her son’s love life and troubled pas–and focus on his charitable acts instead.

Hollywood casting director Mary Jo is furious about the media’s obsession
with the actor’s past drug addictions, 1997 jail spell, failed
marriage to Ryan Haddon and false reports he’s romancing teen star Lindsay Lohan.

And Slater‘s mother is so determined to protect her son, she’s issued a
statement insisting he is no longer the young, foolish man he once was, but now
dedicates himself to good causes.

She says, “Knowing Christian better than anyone else, I had to respond.
Christian has many wonderful traits. He made mistakes. He was young and wild.
When you’re young and wild, you make mistakes that you regret later in life.

“He is a wonderful and loving son, a kind, gentle and very funny person. He
is painfully aware of his tarnished reputation. It saddens me that no matter
how much he does that is good and positive, his past is always thrown in his

“When River Phoenix died of a drug overdose, Christian was asked to take over
his role in Interview with the Vampire, she added. Was it ever reported that he
donated his entire salary for the film to River’s favorite charity?”

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