Christina Hendricks: ‘Toy Story 4 character is all me’

Christina Hendricks’ dreams came true when she landed the role of animated mob boss Gabby Gabby in the new Toy Story sequel, because she’s a red head who loves ventriloquist dolls.
The Mad Men star’s character is pushed around in a stroller by creepy ventriloquist dummies – just like the ones she used to dream about as a kid.
“As a child, I always wanted a ventriloquist doll and my parents would never get me one,” she explains. “So later in life my husband finally got me my ventriloquist doll and he’s in my office. I love him so very much.
“When I came in to do the voice they were showing me this animation and I said, ‘You guys, this is blowing my mind. This little doll has red hair and blue eyes and hangs out with weird ventriloquist dolls. She is me!’
“It brings up a sense of nostalgia as I was always wondering what my toys were thinking when I was sleeping or when I was at school… I imagined that they had this real life going on.”
Toy Story 4 hits cinemas on 21 June (19).